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winchesters132's Journal

MoodRings - 132 Celebrations of Sam and Dean
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Sam and Dean Moodring

Um, hi. *waves* I'm brynspikess. Thanks so much for coming!

Suppose you're all wondering why I invited you here, then? Well, I've noticed your Supernatural fic, and was kinda sorta hoping that maybe you'd contribute for this project I'm starting. (unless, of course, you stumbled over here on a rec or a LJ search, then by all means, welcome! Come participate!)

For those of you who haven't seen it already, check out the MoodRings -- 132 Celebrations of LOTRips.

Then, if you're willing, go to the moodrings feedback thread and shower love and affection on anniesj and circe_tigana for making such an awesome thing.

myska_x then turned the LOTRips moodring into an awesome mood theme, which was once up to be seen on her journal. But it looks like she's changed the format of her LJ since, and I can't find the mood theme any more...

Several years ago, I started a mood ring for Spander fans (spander132) and asked for contributions. This had a pretty good turn-out, all things considered. I'd originally planned to eventually make a moodtheme, although it'll probably be difficult 'cause so many of the moods ended up being longer amazing fics.

Considering Supernatural has eaten my flist and is still going strong, I've decided to start another Moodring, but this one with a Sam&Dean theme. Not completely wincesty, although I will totally accept wincest contributions. But I'd like to have a moodring exploring the brothers' relationship on all levels. And considering how their relationship is so powerful that it can not only support a show into a third season, but also spawn everything from freakishly huge fics (*cough*toomanytolink*cough*) to crack of every flavor (*cough*yaks*cough*) to stuff you never even thought possible (*cough*Plastic!Winchester Theater*cough*), I figured it's only right that such an epic relationship have its very own moodring. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to contribute a mood.

Eventually I'll probably sit down and turn all the contributions into a mood theme that will be open for anyone to use with a link back to a list of each mood story, including the master list of all the moods and who wrote each of them.

So? *is hopeful* Help me out? Please? Pretty please with hand!porn and shiny Impalas blasting rock music?

There are currently 117 moods still unclaimed and unwritten. Click here to find out which moods have been written, and which are still up for grabs.

If you have any questions, please check out the FAQ.

Tentative Deadline: January 31, 2008.

Thanks to all the contributers so far: Want to see your name here? Contribute a mood!

I made three four icons that are totally snaggable: